USB Rechargeable Flying Ball Toy with BuiltIn RGB Lights 360° Rotating Magic Controller Mini Pro Spinner Blastoise

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Product Description:

Elevate your entertainment with the Flying Ball Drone – a mesmerizing device that effortlessly hovers, glides, and soars through the air, returning to you like a boomerang. Control it with the optional magic controller, showcasing your tricks with the Fly Orb Boomerang Spinner Drone, sure to captivate all ages. Tested for child safety, this magical orb promises hours of entertainment for you and your team. Starting with the flying light-up ball, you can acquire new skills, enhance hand-eye coordination, and break free from the couch. Play wherever and whenever you desire.

Dreamy LED Color Light & Charging Guidelines:

The Nebula Orb Ball boasts radiant LED lights that change colors endlessly during flight, creating a stunning visual spectacle day and night. Charging is a breeze with the ability to plug into any USB port, taking only 30 minutes to recharge for more flying fun. Keep an eye on the LED indicator – it flashes when charging is needed, stays illuminated during charging, and turns off when charging is complete.

Durable & Lightweight Design:

Our flying ball toys have been upgraded with non-toxic, high-grade polypropylene material, making them flexible and resilient to endure numerous crashes. They are lightweight and safe for use, providing protection against accidental impacts and ensuring safety for children. These flying toys are conveniently portable, allowing you to play wherever your heart desires.

Safety Precautions:

  1. This product contains a non-replaceable battery; avoid disassembling or exposing it to moisture.
  2. Do not charge if the toy is excessively heated; allow it to cool before charging.
  3. Prevent exposure to direct sunlight and strong impacts.
  4. Charging should be supervised by an adult.
  5. Avoid charging in extreme temperature environments.
  6. Charge away from flammable materials.
  7. Not suitable for children under 6 years old.
  8. Ensure the flying light-up ball is fully charged before use.
  9. Play in open spaces, away from rivers, roads, and buildings.
  10. Avoid using in adverse weather conditions such as rain, snow, thunder, electrical storms, or strong winds to prevent injury or damage.
  11. Do not fly the flying space orb ball near fragile objects like light bulbs, glass, or delicate items.
  12. Disconnect the charger after a full charge to preserve battery life.
  13. Power off the flying ball before charging to extend the battery's lifespan.

Key Features:

  • Experience the thrill of controlling a meteor through the starry sky.
  • Magic comes to life as you manipulate the floating sphere with your hands.
  • Unlock endless possibilities and showcase your technological prowess.
  • Sealed outer housing ensures durability and impact resistance.
  • Makes a unique and surprising gift for someone special.
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