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Presenting the SELF-ADHESIVE INSULATION RESISTANT HIGH TEMPERATURE HEAT REFLECTIVE ALUMINIUM FOIL DUCT TAPE ROLL (0.9mm). This tape boasts remarkable flexibility, strong adhesion, and the ability to endure displacement while maintaining excellent followability even after deformation. With features like weather resistance, aging resistance, water resistance, and surface sealing, this tape offers seamless protection. It's effortlessly applicable – simply peel off the film and seal the butyl tape wherever needed. A versatile solution, extensively used for building roofs, surface cracks, RV repairs, windows, marine seals, glass, and roof repairs. It's waterproof, UV-resistant, and a reliable adhesive tape roll, commonly known as Duck Tape.

Instructions for Use:

1. Ensure the surface is clean and dry by removing surface dust.

2. Select the appropriate tape size and peel off the base film.

3. Apply the tape to the intended gap.

4. Press and tamp down to ensure a full and secure adhesion.

Key Advantages:

- Premium Butyl Rubber Raw Material

- Exceptionally Strong Adhesive: Butyl molecules seamlessly integrate into the surface upon proper application. The aluminum foil efficiently seals out water, eliminating the need for an extra water-blocking layer.

- Insulation for Water and Heat: Versatile across a wide range of temperatures (5 to 113 degrees F), the butyl seal tape adeptly insulates against water and heat. Ideal for Home, Auto, Outdoors, and more.

- Notable Features: Cut to the desired length with ease, high-temperature corrosion resistance, non-overflowing butyl rubber, high ductility, and remarkable toughness.

- Resistant Build: Enhanced by thickened metal squares, the tape exhibits exceptional durability in the face of varying temperatures. The aluminum surface is wear-resistant, anti-aging, and offers prolonged usage.

Product Dimensions:

- Volume Weight (grams): 131

- Product Weight (grams): 410

- Shipping Weight (grams): 410

- Length (cm): 11

- Width (cm): 11

- Height (cm): 5

Shipping Cost
Delivery Time 3 to 5 Working Days
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