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True Essentia's  Ageless Embrace Body Butter is a deeply nourishing, age-defying elixir that melts into your skin, working from within to reveal a firmer, smoother, and more youthful you.


Here's what makes our body butter the ultimate body butter for ageless beauty:


  • A cocktail of potent anti-aging ingredients:

    • Sun-kissed seabuckthorn's golden nectar: Antioxidant-rich oil bathes your skin in radiant vitality, fighting free radicals and revealing a luminous glow. 
    • Neroli's honeyed whisper: Enticing floral notes dance across your senses, inviting you to a spa-like escape. 
    • Cocoa's velvety embrace: Rich, unrefined cocoa butter melts into your skin, drenching it in moisture and leaving a kiss of decadent softness. 
    • Vitamin E's protective caress: A shield against environmental aggressors, this potent antioxidant defends your skin's youthful essence.
    • Sweet Orange Essential Oil: helps you fight the signs of ageing such as wrinkles and fine lines, and can also help you fight acne and reduces the appearance of scars and spots.
  • Luxuriously rich and creamy texture: Infused with the delicate scent of orange, bergamont and peppermint, True Essentia's Body Butter absorbs effortlessly into your skin, leaving it feeling pampered and hydrated for hours.

  • Suitable for all skin types: Gentle enough for even the most sensitive skin, True Essentia's Body Butter is formulated without harsh chemicals or synthetic fragrances.


Unlocking Your Ageless Glow: How to Use True Essentia's Body Butter:


True Essentia's Ageless Embrace Body Butter:

  • Start with freshly cleansed skin to allow the butter to penetrate deeply.

  • Use a clean spatula to scoop out a generous amount of butter.

  • Apply the butter in circular motions, focusing on areas prone to dryness and wrinkles. Take your time and enjoy the sensorial experience.

  • Don't neglect your arms, legs, and décolletage! True Essentia's Body Butter  works wonders on all areas of your body.


Experience the True Essentia's Ageless Embrace Body Butter:


Ageless Embrace difference:

  • Visibly reduced fine lines and wrinkles
  • Firmer, more elastic skin
  • Radiant, youthful complexion
  • Deeply nourished and hydrated skin
  • A pampering self-care ritual
Brand True Essentia
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