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Our Exquisite Naga Tribal Bags - A Fusion of Tradition and Style!

  • Rich Tradition of Art and Craft: The Naga people have a long-standing tradition of art and craft deeply rooted in their harmonious lifestyle with nature. Weaving, passed down through generations, is a cherished art form in Nagaland.
  • Unique Tribal Patterns and Motifs: Each major Naga tribe boasts its own distinctive designs and colors, resulting in a stunning array of shawls, shoulder bags, jackets, mufflers, cushions, runners, and other accessories showcasing traditional tribal patterns and motifs.
  • Shawls with a Story: Naga shawls are renowned for their exceptional craftsmanship, where three or more pieces are intricately woven separately and then lovingly stitched together. The colors, patterns, and designs of the shawls symbolize specific tribes and the wearer's esteemed status in society.
  • Natural Dyes and Traditional Materials: The Naga people take pride in their eco-friendly approach to textile dyeing. Natural dyes extracted from barks, roots, and plants are skillfully used to create vibrant colors that reflect their deep connection to the environment. Traditionally, cotton is predominantly used for weaving, and the Naga looms follow a unique back strap loom technique
  • Exclusive Art of Women: In contrast to other parts of India, spinning and weaving are exclusive skills of Naga women. Empowered with the knowledge of weaving, Naga women weave cloth for their families using two types of looms - the loin loom and the fly shuttle loom.
  • A Treasured Heritage: Naga textiles have always held immense traditional value and were primarily made for personal use. However, in this mechanized world, the handloom sector remains a refreshing bastion of unique manual skill and diversity, providing livelihoods for numerous women in the region.
  • Embrace the Past with Modern Style: Our Naga Tribal Bags celebrate the authentic heritage of Naga textiles while incorporating modern design elements. These bags not only make a fashion statement but also allow you to carry a piece of cultural history wherever you go.
  • Socially Responsible: By owning a Naga Tribal Bag, you contribute to sustaining the rich weaving tradition and supporting the livelihoods of Naga women. Join us in preserving this exquisite art form and connecting with the spirit of the Nagas through these beautiful bags.

Elevate your style with a touch of Naga tradition - Get your Naga Tribal Bag today!

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