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Effortlessly Capture Flies: This device uses inexpensive sugar as bait to swiftly trap hundreds of flies. It's a fascinating process to observe, and each unit includes a bait pack. Please avoid using hard food as bait.

Ideal Usage Locations: Perfect for kitchens, farms, and kennels. As it's not waterproof, place it indoors near a power outlet and connect it via USB.

Capture Mechanism: The trap features five bait stations where you place sugar water or soft food crumbs. As flies feed, the rotating arm sweeps them inside, trapping them. They end up in a collection tray where they perish after a few days. To empty the tray, unplug the red stopper at the bottom.

Safe and Environmentally Friendly: This device captures flies using physical methods, making it eco-friendly and chemical-free.

Note: If flies aren't drawn to the bait, consider adding vinegar, extra sugar, or something with a strong odor to attract them.


  • Volume Weight (Gm): 716
  • Product Weight (Gm): 507
  • Shipping Weight (Gm): 716
  • Length (Cm): 21
  • Width (Cm): 21
  • Height (Cm): 8
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