Electric Egg Boiler Poacher Cooker and Steamer Available in 1 Layer

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Electric Egg Boiler, Poacher, Cooker, and Steamer - Choose from 1 Layer, 2 Layer, or 3 Layer Options

Revolutionize your breakfast routine with the Electric Egg Cooker, capable of producing perfectly fluffy eggs for every meal. This efficient appliance cooks eggs faster than traditional boiling methods, providing convenience and consistency.

Key Features:

  1. Efficient Cooking: Cook more eggs in less time with the Electric Egg Cooker, outperforming traditional boiling methods.

  2. Instant Enjoyment: Skip the cooling time - the tray lifting tool allows you to enjoy hot, freshly cooked eggs immediately after cooking, making breakfast hassle-free.

  3. Versatile Kitchen Companion: This egg boiler utilizes steam generated by the built-in heater to cook eggs efficiently. The crystal-clear top cover lets you monitor the cooking process without lifting the lid, accommodating multiple eggs simultaneously.

  4. Multifunctional Use: Beyond boiling eggs, this cooker doubles as a steamer, allowing you to steam vegetables, dumplings, idlis, and more for a healthy and varied meal.

How to Poach Eggs:

  • Place the egg cooker on a clean, dry surface.
  • Remove the lid and cooking tray.
  • Fill the measuring cup with water to the omelette/poached indicator line and pour it into the heating plate.
  • Use butter or non-stick spray on the poaching tray.
  • Break one egg into each section.
  • Place the cooking tray on the base and the poaching tray on top.
  • Cover with the lid, plug in, and press the power button to start the cooking process.


  • Cook hard, medium, or soft-boiled eggs without the need for fat or oil.
  • Faster than traditional boiling methods.
  • Achieve perfect, fluffy eggs every time.
  • Clear cover for monitoring the cooking progress.
  • Measuring cup with firmness markings for desired hardness.
  • Piercing pin on the bottom of the measuring cup prevents shell cracking.
  • Power button with an indicator buzzer automatically shuts off when eggs are ready.
  • Removable egg tray allows boiling multiple eggs at once, and it's easy to cool them under running water after cooking.
  • Separate poaching tray for convenient poached eggs.
  • Separate egg tray for quick and fluffy omelets.

Transform your breakfast experience with the versatile and efficient Electric Egg Boiler, perfect for creating a variety of egg-based dishes with ease.

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