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Sick of rummaging through messy drawers to find the right items? Look no further! Introducing our Transparent and Simple Design container, made from high-quality clear plastic for optimal visibility and organization.

  • Clear Plastic: Our container is made from transparent plastic, allowing you to easily find your items without the hassle of opening lids or causing any confusion. Enjoy a clutter-free and stress-free organization experience.

  • Separate and Organized: This container features individual compartments with non-adjustable baffles, ensuring that your items remain separate and well-organized. No more mixing up your DIY diamond rhinestones, beads, glitters, nail crystals, jewellery, necklaces, rings, and other small crafts.

  • Durable and Wear-resistant: Built to last, our container is made from long-lasting materials that are resistant to wear and tear. Rest assured that your precious items will be well-protected and secure.

  • Versatile Usage: Not only perfect for storing small crafting supplies, but our container can also be used as a diamond painting accessories storage box or as a socks arranger. Keep your space tidy and your items easily accessible.

Experience the joy of an organized and clutter-free environment with our Transparent and Simple Design container. Say goodbye to the chaos and hello to a more efficient and enjoyable storage solution.

Physical Dimension

Weight (Gm) :- 350

Length (Cm) :- 27

Breadth (Cm) :- 9

Height (Cm) :- 7

Shipping Cost
Delivery Time 3 to 5 Working Days
Shop Location Shop 2, Unique Surya Apt., V S Marg, Virar West Thane 401303 Thane, Maharashtra, India

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