Guide on How to Sell on

Guide on How to Sell on

How to sell on Vishvasi


Checklist to get started

  1. Active Mobile Number

  2. Email ID

  3. Pan Details

  4. Aadhar Card

  5. Active Bank Account


Fee for Selling on Vishvasi

As per product category, the commission will be deducted


How to Register and Start Your Business?

  1. Click on “SELL NOW”

  2. Register with Full name and email ID

  3. Confirm your Email

  4. Once the Email is verified and confirmed log in with your registered email id and password.

  5. Visit your dashboard and set your Shop Details, Shipping Settings & Setup Payment Details

  6. Upload your products from “Add Products” 


Why do product details matter?

  1. Customers compare different products before making a purchase.

  2. Customers look at the product image, video, and specifications to decide if it suits their needs.

  3. Providing complete & accurate product details helps them buy your products,

  4. Generating more sales.


Details required for a new listing

  1. Colored image

  2. Features should be clearly visible

  3. Height & width should be 1000 pixels or larger to enable zooming

  4. Images must not exceed 10,000 pixels on the longest side

  5. Accepted formats - JPEG (.jpg), TIFF (.tif), preferred format - JPEG


Remember: When creating your product page, consider what customers look for. This will help you put down the relevant information for customers.


Shipping Partner

  1. Shiprocket

  2. Vishvasi Courier 


Payment Gateway

  1. Razorpay

  2. Stripe

  3. Paypal


Payment Mode

  1. COD

  2. Prepaid / Online Payment


Your First Order

  1. You will be notified through email/phone

  2. Pack Your order and our courier partner will pick it up from your pickup location mentioned as per your shop setting


Getting your Payment

  1. Payment will be transferred to your bank account

  2. Will receive a payment within 7 business days

  3. Get payment details on your Dashboard 

For more queries visit our support centre