1MM Derma Roller: Rejuvenating Skin Promoting Hair Regrowth and Enhancing with Facial Scrubs & Polishes

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Hey there! Let's talk about the amazing Derma Roller – your own little skin buddy that you can use right at home. This clever gadget does some pretty cool things: it helps your skin soak up all those good skincare products, encourages your skin to make new collagen (the stuff that keeps it plump and youthful), and even tackles tough customers like acne scars, surgery or burn scars, deep wrinkles, and stretch marks. And guess what? This magic roller has these super fine needles made of medical titanium.

Here's what it does:

  • Goodbye, Acne and Stretch Marks: If you've got acne scars or stretch marks that bug you, the Derma Roller is here to help. It gets your blood flowing and gives your skin a nice massage, making those marks less noticeable.

  • Hello, Beautiful Skin Tone: Get ready to say hello to a brighter, more even skin tone. The Derma Roller's got your back in the glow department.

  • Fighting the Clock: Wrinkles? Not a fan. The Derma Roller helps tighten your skin, giving those aging signs a little nudge back.

Using the 1mm Derma Roller:

  1. Give your Derma Roller a little soak in disinfectant for about 15 minutes.

  2. Time to say bye-bye to your makeup for a bit.

  3. Treat your face and neck to a nice cleanse with some antibacterial lotion, and then gently pat them dry.

  4. Now, for the fun part! Roll the Derma Roller horizontally over the area you want to work on, doing it about 4-5 times. Then do the same thing vertically and diagonally. Remember, you're not pressing hard, just letting it glide.

  5. After each roll, give the Derma Roller a 5-minute dip in disinfectant.

  6. Let it air dry in a clean spot.

  7. Once it's dry, tuck it away gently in its box, taking care of those delicate needles. But remember, only do this if it's completely dry!

  8. For that extra boost, use a vitamin C serum, collagen cream, hyaluronic acid goodness, or whatever makes your face smile.


  • So, if we measure it by volume, it weighs about 95 grams.
  • The actual weight is around 35 grams – super light!
  • If it's coming to you by mail, expect a shipping weight of 95 grams.
  • In terms of size, it's about 17 centimeters long, 5 centimeters wide, and 5 centimeters tall.

Get ready to meet your skin's new best friend – the Derma Roller!

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