100% Recyclable Bio Degradable Eco Friendly Garbage Bags Rolls 19" X 21" - 30 Bags

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Our Disposable Eco-Friendly Garbage/Dustbin/Trash Bags, sized at 19 x 21 inches, perfect for every kitchen. Our bags offer an economic and cost-effective solution for garbage disposal, promoting cleanliness all-around, and contributing to a cleaner India.

Multifunctional Use

Ideal for offices, hotels, restaurants, and parties, our versatile bags handle yard clean-up, kitchen waste, baby diapers, and pet litter with ease.


Crafted from industrial-strength low-density resins, our bags withstand residential and commercial waste, ensuring durability and reliability.

No Tears or Leaks

Designed for toughness, our liners resist tears and leaks, providing a secure containment for your refuse.

Secure Trash Bag

With a secure tie closure, our bags are reusable and offer hassle-free garbage pickups.

Keeps Trash Can 100% Clean

Our liners maintain cleanliness inside the trash can, preventing odors and mess, preserving its pristine condition.

Clean India Garbage Bags

  • Strong
  • Crafted from Pure Virgin Materials
  • Guaranteed Quality & Quantity

Recyclable Bags

Join us in our eco-friendly mission! Our bags are 100% recyclable, offering a convenient and sustainable solution for garbage disposal, promoting cleanliness, hygiene, and a greener environment.

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